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The ultimate boutique for top industry trends and accessories.

Welcome to Bad Wolf & Co., Founded In 2008  bringing a new perspective on Online Shopping with our casual yet attractive product line. We combine unique designs with the latest trends to cater to the needs of the young generation who enjoys Buying Online Safely and in style.


We are a team of buyers with over 20 years working as buyers for major brands. we focus on finding the best deals on the hottest items , we have been cultivating relationships with major brand suppliers and Manufacturers Around the globe since 2008. 

How It All Unfolds...

Our team is constantly on the the Hunt for good quality products that can also deliver great Value to our customers. We do it by being on the phone, Looking online for new manufacturers with innovative products , attending conventions for various industries around the world , Take part in trade shows, local markets and following online trends. you name it .. we do it all. thats is how we are able to bring our customers the best deals from the best suppliers with great warranty and of course after we tested every product ourselves.   

We found a great product Then what?...

Well we then negotiate to GET THE BEST DEAL on the market, we purchase a Large quantity and ship it to our fulfilment facilities around the world (when you order your item is shipped out from the closest facility to the order destination to keep shipping time to a minimum)

Due to our unique approach to commerce the inventory on our website is ever changing, we normally do not carry more then 15 items which we know for sure are a great value to our customers.

Items go on our website and stay there until they are out of stock or if we notice the demand has been lessened we then seek to replace this item in our catalog with a more current item 

When an item is in high demand meaning our customers are actively looking for it online we will continue to carry it on our store.

So you know you are not bombarded with an overwhelming amount of products and collections we keep it simple and easy to choose a great deal from a verified supplier.

Ready to shop Bad Wolf & Co.? Browse our exclusive range today! For more information or any questions, feel free to contact us.

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